VLaunch is the first of its kind multichain launchpad. Founded by two of the most prominent thought leaders in the blockchain space, VLaunch is focused on creating value for the project and for the community by actively engaging more than 80 of the top thought leaders in the industry and by not charging a listing cost.
The launchpad also implements forecast mechanics which allows the engagement and participation of the broader, less economically fortunate, community. VLaunch introduces the VPAD token which serves as the essence of launchpad which will be required to protect against malicious attacks, governance, and participation in project allocations.
The project is raising a total of $ 3,000,000 in a private round from accredited thought leaders and strategic partners, the majority of which will be used for bootstrapping VPAD liquidity. The total supply of VPAD will be 1,000,000,000 VPAD with a net token generation event (TGE) circulating supply of 5.78% and a net TGE market cap of $ 1,732,500.
The VLaunch Launchpad